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Why choose us?

Polay + Clark began as a boutique, music business-management firm, thanks to the firm's proficiencies with tour accounting, multi-state taxation and royalty analysis, which augmented the core outsourced accounting department function that business managers provide. As the client base grew, the firm expanded and a full-service traditional CPA firm was founded to handle the needs of small business owners and individuals. Lorne Clark soon joined the company as an immediate-name partner. Lorne brought an initial roster of top NBA talent as well as his unique set of comprehensive skill and knowledge. Lorne’s background as a sports-agent combined with his tenure at a large Los Angeles business-management firm has proven to be an invaluable component to the team.

Company history

Robert Polay founded the company back in 1999, after working at a traditional CPA firm for over a decade, where he developed a niche as an expert in entertainment accounting. Robert was inspired by his grandfather, who was the road manager for Fats Domino in the mid-1950s. His grandfather educated him about both sides of the music business - the good and the bad.

Fats Domino lived through the pitfalls of success and the variety of personalities that circulated around him. During his golden years, he would tour with celebrities such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and Paul Anka.

Robert founded Polay + Clark as an oasis where creative minds could build sound financial futures. He was driven to assist artists to prosper and thrive in such a perplexing environment.